What do we sell?

Whether your customers are looking for a healthier gut, a reduction in fatigue or better intestinal health – Kinerva products offer the perfect solution. The specialists at Kinerva provide industry-leading live culture products that are designed specifically to enhance intestinal micro-flora for all-round improved health.

Why choose Kinerva?

  • 5 Billion protected CFU in our special live culture formula
  • Double layered coating technology ensures good bacteria reaches your gut alive
  • Protected bacteria has 100 x more chance of reaching the gut alive
  • Our protective coating allows us to utilise any and all strains, not just the strains that are proven to survive gastric acid and bile.
  • Free from artificial colours and flavourings


Our products are perfect for:

  • Online stores from all industries
  • Pharmacies
  • Supermarkets
  • Health clinics
  • Health and beauty stores
  • Vitamin specialists
  • Supplement shops
  • Healthy food stores
  • Nutritionist
  • Dietitian
  • Personal trainers


We develop our products to the highest standard, that are easy to take, taste great and above all cost effective. Kinerva are inclusive, not exclusive whilst maintaining the highest quality of product to improve health wellbeing and quality of life for the entire family.

As an organisation we are dedicated to provide you with products that are not only effective in improving your health and cost effective but also are sourced and manufactured ethically, Non-GMO and free from as many allergens as possible (please view individual product ingredients for more information).


To be the first choice for gut health and vitamins, developing high quality products at an affordable price for all.

“We develop our products to the highest standard, easy to take, taste great and above all cost effective.” – CEO


Our sole purpose is to be proactive rather than reactive; Most of our products are designed to keep you at your best from your skin through to your bones, and to develop your biological system to create a stronger more versatile defence system against unwanted guests and ailments.

Core Values

Our morals have been created to reflect the people that work within the business through to the products the company offers.

  • Trustworthy
  • Honesty
  • Loyalty
  • Hardworking
  • Ethical

Although our products are health food supplements it does not mean we slack on our production process. All our products are produced above and beyond the industry requirements, and are manufactured with love and care in clean room laboratories.

CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility )

Healthmarque with the ethos of empowering you with better health understands that it is not just about the person but extends to the environment hence why we do all we can to give back to our communities and environment. We aim to use as many recyclable materials as possible and keep shipping boxes as small as possible so you may find your order quite tightly packed in a cute small box.

We have also recently switched to PLA7 compostable pots to house some of our new products. PLA 7 is a plastic pot derived from plant fibres and is almost 100% compostable.