Our direct live culture supplement ‘Daily Vitality’ has been given LGC certification approved by the LGC Group (Formerly the Laboratory of the Government Chemist).

The LGC Group is an international life sciences measurement company and drug testing company, that plays a vital role in the UK government chemist in an advisory role.

What this certification means is that our Daily Vitality supplement is free from any World Anti-Doping Association (WADA) prohibited substances. This means that athletes from all over the world, at all levels, can take our Daily Vitality supplement without any worries of being penalised.

There is a lot of uncertainty around supplements in sport. A good recent example of this is New York Jets linebacker Brandon Copeland who took a supplement for his nutritional health and received a four-game ban due to his body containing illegal substances after taking them. (1)

Adnan Wahid, CEO, and Founder of Kinerva said “We’re delighted that we’ve achieved LGC certification for our Daily Vitality supplement. This means that professional athletes in all sports can take our supplement without worry, and concentrate on being the best that can be.”

You can purchase our Daily Vitality supplement here.


(1). https://www.nutraingredients-usa.com/Article/2019/10/14/Latest-doping-violation-puts-spotlight-on-contaminated-supplements-in-sports