Hand Sanitiser Now In Stock

To help meet the requirements of the NHS and local communities Kinerva’ newly developed 70% alcohol hand gel is now available. We will be offering extensive discounts to care homes to support our local communities.

  • Gel-based fast-drying formula
  • Conforms to BS EN 1500 & BS EN 1276
  • Kills 99.9% germs within 30 seconds

Made in Britain for Britain

Kinerva hand gel is manufactured in the United Kingdom including the recyclable bottle. We have gone to great lengths to ensure the product is 100% made in the UK, ensuring development, manufacturing and packaging are all conducted within the United Kingdom.


Kinerva hand sanitiser will be available in 2 pack sizes 50 ml which is perfect to keep with you while you are out and about or hidden away in your car. While the 250ml can be utilised in your home or commercial dwelling at your entrance/exit.

We have done our utmost to maintain a fair and ethical price.

  • Individual/Personal Pack               50ml – £9.99 for 5 bottles
  • Large Pack                                       250ml – £3.99 per bottle


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