Why do live cultures (good bacteria) need protection?

There are many benefits of live cultures (good bacteria) as they are living organisms. To be of any benefit, live cultures (good bacteria) have to travel through the digestive system to reach the gut alive.

GUT Microbiome: Gut microbiome is the collection of all the microorganisms living in association with the human body.

Cell number: 10 times more bacterial cells in your body than human cells!

Gene number: 100 times more bacterial genes in your body than human genes!

The gut microbiome is a diverse ecosystem containing trillions of microorganisms including bacteria, fungi, viruses and yeasts. It plays a vital role in our health such as:

Digestion – breaking down complex carbohydrate

Immune system – helps fight infections and pathogens

Absorption – improves the absorption of vitamins and minerals

Short-chain fatty acids – produces SCFA which have a role in Gut-Brain Axis

Digestion includes the passing of live cultures (good bacteria) bacteria through harsh environments such as stomach acid, chemicals, enzymes, and bacteria within the human body. The stomach acid is designed to kill all bacteria as a protective measure, and many forms of probiotic are made ineffective due to their design.

Dual coated bacteria survive up to 100 times better than unprotected bacteria. This highlights the advantages of dual coated live cultures (good bacteria) as they help the bacteria reach the gut alive. Essentially, dual coating technology for live cultures (good bacteria) helps lead to the best possible positive health outcomes.

Why is it important for good bacteria to reach the gut alive?

Probiotics bacteria are active, living and beneficial bacteria which exist naturally in the intestinal system. They are of vital importance since 70% of the immune system is located in the intestines. They do this by producing substances that remove and inhibit the growth of unwanted bacteria, occupying epithelial cells in the gastrointestinal tract and fighting for space and nutrients.

Today, live cultures (good bacteria) are more important than ever. Our hectic and high paced lifestyle together with modern food put a lot of pressure on the natural development of the microbiota (microbiome). Ongoing scientific research suggests that the bacteria in your gut have the potential to improve various aspects of your mental and physical health such as digestive health, immune system and even your mood

Your gut is host to trillions of bacteria of various different species that can be considered as parasites occupying the intestine (microbiome). The relationship between yourself and the bacteria needs to be in a mutual state, this is known as symbiosis. Your microbiome is its own ecosystem, as research continues into the gut and gut health many professionals are now considering the gut an essential organ.

If the ingested bacteria do not reach the gut alive, the probiotic bacteria will not have the best-intended effect or improve your overall health. This is one of the key benefits of dual coated live cultures (good bacteria), as the extra protection ensures the bacteria reaches the intended destination in a live state to improve the health of your guts and overall wellbeing.

How does dual coating in live cultures (good bacteria) work?

There are many dual-coated live cultures (good bacteria) benefits due to the additional protective layers. The outer layer consists of polysaccharides which protects the bacteria from external factors such as heat and moisture. This ensures the survival of the bacteria during manufacturing, storage and through the ingestion process – all of which have a significant impact on the potential success of the live cultures (good bacteria). 

The bacteria itself within the live cultures (good bacteria) are coated with a protein and peptide layer to protect the live bacteria against gastric acid and bile salt. This helps the bacteria pass through the digestion process unharmed for the best possible health benefits. Once the bacteria pass through the digestion channel and reach the gut alive, a pH-dependent release system releases the bacteria from the matrix, allowing them to proliferate in the ideal location within the gut. 

The advantages of dual-coated live cultures 

There are a number of advantages of dual coated live cultures (good bacteria): 

  • Balance the friendly bacteria in your digestive system
  • Improve gut health
  • 70% of your immune system is in your gut
  • Promote positive gut-brain axis
  • Lose weight
  • Reduce symptoms of digestive discomfort 

Utilising dual-coating technology reduces the need to overload the capsules with excessive amounts of bacteria. At 5 Billion CFU, Kinerva live cultures (good bacteria) will have a better effect than a higher count product without any protection.

Another benefit of dual coated live cultures (good bacteria) is that Kinerva live cultures (good bacteria) are not strain restricted. The survivability of bacteria through the digestion process doesn’t matter as the dual-coating will provide protection. 

Many products claim that the bacteria itself can survive the digestion process without dual coating technology. In many cases, these bacterial strains are primarily selected for their survivability and not for any health benefits. Kinerva products are not strain restricted, so we can ensure we provide the best strains for the intended goal of improving the health of your gut and the many other advantages this brings. 

Where can I buy dual-coated live cultures?


Kinerva offer Daily Vitality Direct Live Cultures with a highly efficient multi-strain bacteria formula. This optimises the intestinal micro-flora for an all-round healthier gut. This product includes 6 different protectedlive culture strains and 5 billion protected CFU to ensure that you see the true advantages of dual coated live cultures (good bacteria). Purchase today to improve the health of your gut and uncover even more health benefits for an all-round better you. Subscribe and save and receive a 10% discount.