Independent test and review of Kinerva Daily Vitality by Sophie KR currently studying MSc Eating Disorders and Clinical Nutrition.


I follow a healthy diet that includes meat, fish and lots of plant foods. I try to follow Dr Megan Rossi’s advice and include 30 different plant-based foods a week and always have at least 7 portions of fruits and vegetables a day. However, because I do have quite a high fibre diet, I often find I get bloated. I was intrigued to see what would happen when trying Kinerva. I was also interested to see how I would feel during the winter months when colds and flu are flying around.

First Impressions

Having received the box of Daily Vitality I found it to be a very attractive box utilising vibrant colours and modern designs to break the boring trends. Upon opening the box, it was clear the design cues followed through to the inside of the box having the box internal coloured in the brand colour. It was nice to see capsules in blister packs instead of a pot although I don’t think blister packs are recyclable.

For good bacteria to have any effect, the bacteria need to withstand the acidic environment in the stomach to reach the gut in sufficient quantities to start colonising the area.

“I think knowing how much active ingredient you are getting even if you are taking the same product over time is difficult, and we don’t really have good data at this time,”  Dr Dalal – assistant professor of medicine at the University of Chicago. (1)

Daily Vitality is claiming 100% Delivery providing dual-coated live cultures to protect the live bacteria against the digestion channels through to the gut.

I was eager to see the results as I haven’t come across quite substantial claims in comparison to other products on the market. Daily Vitality does have a lower overall count, it will be interesting to see how things progress.


02/12/19 – instructions clear and easy to follow. Took 1. Liked the coating so not dusty when swallowed.

I don’t experience any dramatic side effects; I do feel the need to ‘pass wind’ more often than usual on the first few days – but nothing embarrassing or too notable (I only noticed it because I knew I was writing this diary).

05/12/19 – continue with 1 a day. No longer ‘passing wind’ as often. Feel less bloated than usual. Took a look at the Bristol stool chart; sometimes I have 5/6, I am now 4 since taking Daily Vitality. I was surprised as I wasn’t expecting to have experienced any effects in a short space of time.

09/12/19 – first day since taking the supplement that I feel very bloated (despite there being no change in dietary habits). I do have a big exam in a few days so it could be due to stress. Decide to try 2 tablets tomorrow.

18/12/19 – having been taking 2 tablets a day for a week, I notice that I feel significantly less bloated than normal which makes me feel much more confident and positive.  It will be interesting to see if this continues or whether my body gets used to it. I have also managed to stave off catching any coughs and colds that the rest of my family have come down with.

19/12/19 – thinking back over the past few weeks, I feel that I have more energy than I normally would have at this time of year. Compared to the rest of my family, who are feeling a little run down and tired with the busy festive season, I have good.

26/12/19 – continue to take 2 of the daily vitality over the festive season but succumb to a dreadful cold/flu (as have the rest of my family). Unfortunately, the supplement didn’t prevent me from feeling the full force of the symptoms and it took just as long to recover.


Overall, I would continue to take the Daily Vitality supplement. You don’t have to worry about the taste of a liquid supplement or consider whether it needs to be chilled. For the first few days, I felt very ‘gassy’ but that soon wore off. After just over a week, I started to take 2 (the upper recommendations) which saw no adverse side effects.

Bowel habits and bloating – whilst taking the supplement, I have felt that my bowel habits were healthier and more regular. Feeling less bloated gave me more confidence when out and I felt more positive in general.

Mood – I was stressed during my exams but found that my mood was constant and optimistic during my time taking the Daily Vitality supplement (note – it was during Christmas which is my favourite time of year).

Energy – I had a really good energy level throughout my time taking the Daily Vitality supplement, despite having lots to do over the festive season. I have slept well too which may have affected my mood.

Sophie KR

MSc Eating Disorders and Clinical Nutrition (currently studying)

Follow this link to find out more about Kinerva Direct Live Cultures and the importance of the delivery system.


(1)    https://www.chemistanddruggist.co.uk/feature/digestive-health-probiotics